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Posted on 13 Feb 2013

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Missing in Action (1984) IMDB 5.00(6 841) Full Movie Download

original title: Missing in Action
rating: 5.00(6 841)
The U.S.
action, Thriller, drama, adventure, war
Director: Joseph Zito. starring: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, David Tress, Lenore Kasdorf, James Hong, …
running time: , 101 min.
release date: 1984


A lot of time has passed since the war in Vietnam, but one of the most painful problems of the American society remains: two and a half thousand American soldiers missing, the family and relatives know nothing about the fate of these soldiers and ofitserov.Po”zut rumors that some of the prisoners of war are still in camps on the territory of Viet Nam and held there inhuman conditions, severely exploited and subjected to torture. The government takes a decision to clarify the situation about collects a special Commission, which will have to go to Vietnam and spend proverku.V Commission invited Colonel James Braddock, a veteran of the Vietnam war. James Braddock himself had got into trouble in a Vietnamese prisoner, where he was with a group of other American servicemen held 10 years after the end of the war in Vetname.Breddok then showed incredible heroism, he was able to single-handedly take possession of weapons, capture the camp and organize the escape of their colleagues, which has safely returned home…it is because of this feat of Braddock was invited to the Commission, but the authorities did not even suspect, how exactly will act this member in the territory of Vietnam…

Review: Chucky longs for a fight. Classic, a few underrated and for someone already even cult boevichok with an excellent fighter and at the same time surprisingly a good actor Chuck Norris in the title role. In the Missing in Action collected from a very simple and at the same time spectacular techniques. They do their thing: in the frame is always something happening, lights up, and blow up and tearing itself to pieces. The shootout look worse than in the majority of modern high-budget militants, and the sounds of explosions for a long time will be your pet in nightmares. One word – a fairy tale. Probably, the reason for the success in a surprisingly rare combination of style and taste, the understanding of some very important subtle matter, do not allow the film to roll down in a simple trash. It is also worth noting a young Chuck, who put on all of 100% as a fighter and even showed that he is quite an interesting, decent actor. The cons, and of course, you could write banal, neoriginalnyiy story and a few slabovatuyu shoot, but I will not do it. The above disadvantages, are unlikely to confuse the true fans of the good action. Do not wait for the movie masterpiece, although all of the major advantages it has in place.
8 out of 10
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